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  1. Well on iTunes the MV is having on the song zero impact. It's decreasing in fact.
  2. Source: E Mean while Make Me it's having bad updates on iTunes. The Music Video it's having Zero impact on iTunes.
  3. Thank you. But maybe the moderators will delete this tread like the other one
  4. Leak Version: 30 reproductions and counting. It's hot! And G Eazy it's hot.
  5. Me: Reproductions of that Leak of 1:33: 20 and counting Reproductions of Britney's Make Me Vevo: 2 just 2 and no more
  6. If Britney perform in the VMA, Barbra old ass can saying goodbye to that #1.
  7. If this is true + VMA. The bitch it's coming for that #1 Debut. We only need add to the list SNL! Source: Page Six
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