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Bethy Boo

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  1. Happy Birthday Bethy Boo!

  2. This is what I thought when they said POM was paying tribute to her past or however they phrased it. #3 is a super jazzed up version of the suit and tie from MATM video and #7 is like a mash up of the TOHT Slave outfit and the TOMH bodysuit from circus and they get rejected? These are such good ideas that have had a lot of time and ingenuity into designing and she's just wearing work out pants with splits in them and a crop top, what happened
  3. Am I the only one staring at her belly bar? I think she's lost the top
  4. Because Sam is such a massive fucking insider on all things current Britney. I could not hate anybody more.
  5. Glad someone else has noticed, no one seems to mention this.
  6. We could count it as Pretty Girls promo?
  7. Actually had a dream last night that after TTWE, she did Overprotected as the encore (I was heavily medicated it should be noted). No dancers, crazy lighting, confetti, anything like that, just her with a couple of backing singers by the steps, in jeans and a top and a hand held mic, walking around the stage, interacting with the audience with a super bitchy attitude. If she did choreo with it I'd always be comparing it to her hammering it in the original MV, like I do whenever I see her do Toxic when it's not THE toxic choreo. But I agree, Overprotected should definitely be in there.
  8. There's a musician called Plan B here in the UK, who did an album a few years ago where it was a story, with each song telling the next stage of it, so when you listened to it the whole way through you found out everything about this character he'd created. Ever since I heard it, I could imagine Britney, when she was ready, doing that. She'd open with something like PG, and it get darker and more BO-y and eventually Everyday-style and then something like Unbroken to finish. Almost like the MV for HIAM spread out over an album. (Also, that would stop the track listing issues - e.g. 'we interrupt our programme of dance music' after out from under, no amazing bonuses added as an afterthought). It would allow her to cover as many genres and styles lyrically as she wanted to. I think her breakdown needs to stop being almost this taboo-like subject, when she could be saying, 'look, this happened, we all know it happened, but here's how I got to where I am now'. There's been times in the past where I could have done with a whole album of Everydays, because she has so much more to tell me than Katy Perry or Rihanna or Taylor Swift do, and she hasn't told me it yet. But then, maybe she doesn't want to share everything with the world, I guess. Also, call me crazy, but I'm still waiting for a clear the air collab with Justin.
  9. In case anyone needed their day brightening, Yik Yak (basically anonymous Twitter if you aren't using it)'s poll today is Britney vs Xtina. It's actually a pretty good platform for publicity, it's really really big with university students at the moment in the UK. Still 10 hours to vote as well (and sorry for crappy screen grab)
  10. Bit more about it - http://britneyuniverse.com/topic/1801-things-you-didnt-know-about-britney-the-album/ From the sounds of it, Jive were just being controlling dicks to her, I presume because they wanted to keep her innocent image which was selling well and not offending anyone while she was wanting to do stuff like the DLMBTLTK video and Slave and stuff like that. This was around the time they made her do the non-remix Overprotected video she hated as well.
  11. Doesn't she hate Cinderella because they made her put it on Britney when she wanted it on the Crossroads soundtrack that never got done?
  12. RE her nose - I have no evidence to back this up and its only a suggestion that no one else has said and I don't want to come across a horrible person so please don't yell, but has anyone else considered that the nose job might not have been cosmetic? It has crossed my mind a couple of times that it may have been a preventative measure so her bridge doesn't collapse. I only say this because there were a lot of reports of drug use in 07, but obviously we have no idea how much of that was true and how much of it was just to sell stories. So I'm not at all saying this is what I think, just a suggestion and it may be waaaaaay off. I just started thinking this because her nose really did not need any work, but it might just be wishful thinking on my part that she's untouchable by what the media says when she's really not. In which case, the world is the worst
  13. For them to hire the same costume designers as TCSBS. Because even the good ones for POM are pretty dire in comparison.