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  1. Hello! :hug:

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      I've been so busy with college I haven't had time to get in here :sadney:

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      Bretyna Speransky

      Ah, do you want connect to my whatsapp mini group? :)


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      Sure! Send me a link! :yas:


  3. RT @shanedawson: mission accomplished ? https://t.co/d5hsg61KI1

  4. RT @ALIENSTRUCE: retweet to be in a twenty one pilots groupchat (teaspilling clickies 2.0) !!! - stan twenry one pilots to some extent. -…

  5. RT @PopularPups: RT to bless someone's timeline https://t.co/2fv6Cw1GFQ

  6. • Tracklist 1. 13 tracks on standard, +3 deluxe, +1 Japanese exclusive 2. Most of the tracks having a R&B sounding & making a throwback to the Blackout album 3, Producers I'd like to be involved with general album production: Danja, Burns, Max Martin & Jonas Blue (Let me dream of this last one ) • Album Cover A brunette Britney in a place that has a industrial/abandoned vibe • Genre Pop (Definitely a little bit darker than 'Blackout') R&B (Rihanna's 'Rated R' vibes) • Anything else that you want 3 different singles Video treatment for 4/5 songs Even though most people hate them, I'd love for 'The Chainsmokers' to produce one song for her album (Something like 'Setting Fires' or 'I Can't Change Who You Are'). This one wouldn't be a single, but it'll definitely boost Britney's popularity amongst the EDM community, which I strongly believe would help with overall sales.
  7. RT @tylerrjoseph: https://t.co/Erk6LxqedG

  8. RT @veraluvsgold: rt if u stan bts monsta x got7 ariana grande justin bieber 5h imagine dragons 1d zayn halsey drake bebe rexha enrique i…

  9. RT @LegendneyBxtch: Britney Spears: “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy” 10 year old me: https://t.co/tj3…

  10. RT @AGBlocks1993: Ariana Lock Pack!♕ ↠RT if you want ↠Must be following ↠Give credits if u use it ↠Don’t repost/steal ↠Be Patient ~I…

  11. RT @AvrilLavigne: Thank you @beberexha for hosting the Women in Harmony dinner to celebrate the strongest female writers, producers and art…

  12. RT @RiRiHumor: Rihanna turning up for her 30th birthday is a WHOLE mood ✨ https://t.co/koaC7wuFjb

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