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  1. nope! the last candid look closely, and in her vid.
  2. yeah i'm bored you know, lack of news.
  3. i've noticed her bottom teeth are getting pretty crooked, any one else noticed that? NO PREFECT TEETHNEY DON'T GO.
  4. god she looks horrible. and guys. stop with the "I HATE WHEN SHE'S SMOKING BLAH BLAH" it's her life, and she's a fkin 32 years old. a study shows that alcohol kills faster than ciggs. and junk food is way horrible than Ciggs, it's not like ciggs are the only thing that kills, every thing around you does even the air you breathe is bad. stop. let her have some nicotine in ha body to relax. it's not like she's a heavy smoker like kate moss .
  5. her face? nope! she looks super old because of the sun and that smile made her look bad. but her body looks so good glad she's happy and posting pics
  6. there's one i found on youtube
  7. it's awful tbh, but sounds much better than half of BJ songs.
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