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  1. What makes you think that?
  2. Because guys would rather marry other guys than her?
  3. Talk about this forum being overprotected
  4. Jimmy Kimmel 2003 CD:UK 2003 Some more I can't think of right now probably. ITZ era had by far the best, funniest and most honest interviews.
  5. I'm banned from Exhale either way, so I have no choice
  6. We'll never know. Either way, I would just want to know how it's going to play out around here. You delete anything that is negative (but true) and not praising Britney?
  7. I wouldn't say the wording made it sound offensive or anything. I think it was pretty straight to the point
  8. I'm just playing around. You know Jordan used to not earn anything from his website too?
  9. Her face changed, it happened. I'm sure she knows it too. It's just facts, not bashing or being offensive. People love to speculate and talk about it as well, I still don't see a problem with that thread.
  10. You can say the same thing about every thread that isn't news/candids
  11. I need that whole photoshoot in HQ Her in that red dress >>>