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    Britney, 2NE1 (especially Park Bom!), Selena Gomez, Pirates of the Caribbean, I love to sing and I also love languages <3
  1. Haha I thought it was kinda funny C'mon guys it's just a joke
  2. Mine is "I'm So Curious". ​And the fact that it's been my alarm for like 5 years (at least) ultimately made me hate it. But now I won't change it anymore for the rest of my life because I don't wanna spoil another Britney song for me
  3. If she had retired after Blackout, I might not even be a fan of hers at this point, since Circus was what made me look up more of Brit's music and eventually become part of the B-Army But yeah, other than that I would be pretty sad because I love Circus, Femme Fatale and even Britney Jean (in fact Britney Jean kinda made my sister a fan too, she absolutely loved it ) so that's that....
  4. I'm a bisexual girl, but I don't think I have an actual crush on her. Like a few people mentioned here already, I look up to her and see her as some sort of big sister. At the same time though, I wanna shield her from everything bad, telling her it's gonna be alright whenever I hear her singing sad songs... But to be 100% honest, given the opportunity to sleep with her once, I would take it without hesitation. Not least because I could say I've had sex with Britney Spears, the one and only, but also because she is hot as fuck But I don't think I have a crush on her.
  5. Blackoutney ftw!! I loved her black hair
  6. I like a lot of Britney's unreleased (or bonus) songs better than some of her singles... Also I don't like Breathe on Me and Touch of My Hand all that much... ...same with Baby One More Time tho... (and there are a lot more...)
  7. Well, on the plus side, the sooner you have them, the sooner you're done Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you ;D
  8. omg me too, sorry I only saw ur post after I posted mine Finals are hard but we're gonna do it, may Godney be with us! ;D When are ur finals? Mine are in two days and the nervousness is killing me
  9. What: Alien Where: CD player in my room Why: because I came across this thread and was reminded of how I haven't even listened to any song at all today because I was super busy studying for my finals, so I turned on the CD player and Britney Jean was still in it so the first track that played (obviously) was Alien. Thanks for reminding me of taking my daily dose of Britney though
  10. (I Got That) Boom Boom, Showdown, Outrageous, The Hook Up, Don't Hang Up (my placement of this gif is ironic enough as I didn't even pick Toxic )
  11. Watch out, baby, I'mma drop a lil somethin' ;D