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  1. We'll get new music but I don't think it'll be this year. Hopefully sometime in 2015!
  2. For me: Flights - Managed to use air miles to get a discount so roughly $600 Tickets - 2 Meet & Greet = $2500 x 2 = $5000 Hotel - Encore at Wynn = $250 x 5 = $1250 Spending money - You could probably add another $500 on top of that for spending alone Total: $7350 approx. Of course the Meet & Greet counts for the bulk of my cost so if you're not opting for this package you'll have a much less expensive trip. Covering all cases you'd want at least $4000 to spend between travelling, hotels, tickets and spending money.
  3. New outfit >>> Who knows though. She might slay the old outfit with her new bod
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwmqELU_Lbs&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA
  5. Sometimes Sometimes vs Let Me Be
  6. Who's the girl with the matching shades in the lower pictures?
  7. LOL is this a serious question? Of course everyone here is going to vote Britney seeing as this is a Britney fan site. But bias aside, Britney >>>
  8. POM >> FF. The FF Gimme More performance looks like a Broadway show.
  9. 2014ney definitely! She looks more "Britney" or something, if you know what I mean
  10. No matter how much people try to diminish her, Britney Spears will reign supreme over the pop world forever.
  11. You're the only one I know who thinks that. Slay, I guess