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  1. I don't really like the new Lara but I liked the reboot game. I hope Rise of the Tomb Raider won't be like Uncharted again... They have to try something new and different.
  2. I'm waiting for EA : Mirror's Edge 2
  3. You can find most ot them on Last.fm
  4. I can't choose, but I voted for MATM, Breathe on Me and Toxic. ITZ is perfect.
  5. Womanizer VS Work Bitch Circus VS Perfume If U Seek Amy VS Til Its Gone Shattered Glass VS Tik Tik Boom Out From Under VS Don't Cry Unusual You VS Alien Radar VS It Should Be Easy Kill the Lights VS Body Ache Blur VS Hold On Tite Mannequin VS Passenger Lace and Leather VS Now That I Found You Mmm Papi VS Chillin With You My Baby VS Brightest Morning Star LOL so easy
  6. Yes ! That song is so Britney ! It's like a Toxic 2.0.
  7. One of her best song ! I prefer the remix with Juicy J, not here for flop.i.am...
  8. Britney, I like the colors and what she's doing with her hands.
  9. In The Zone first, and Blackout, but I like Femme Fatale and Circus, and Britney is good too... Gosh, her discography is soooo perfect
  10. The song is not so good, the others leads were so much better. But she's still flawless, I can't wait for the album. Sexy Den a Mutha 2.0 pls
  11. That remix is really really good, I love it so much