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  1. Lmfao I was so disappointed by her 1000th post
  2. I once saw porn parodies at a store BOMT and Oops (on that same day I saw an Asian martial arts parody called "Kunt-Fu)
  3. That's what I said a month a go and got dragged lol
  4. Ask her B9 please! If she can confirm at least the month of when the single drops.
  5. She has got to be kidding at 25 per song omgggg
  6. Omggggg desperate af! OMG "$25.00/ message for details! *message me for any services not mentioned, let's get creative!*"
  7. Every time I see "Lexie" I think of my dog because that's her name
  8. I'm sure this was done on purpose for the stans to create hype. THEN official announcement will follow. If they didn't want him to spill details they would have shut him off when he first tweeted about it tbh.
  9. Who do ya'll think produced this song? Also is this the song feat G Eazy or nah? I'm hopping it's DJ Mustard!
  10. If this is true then im sure Team B told him that way the hardcore stans can start building hype. As were doing right now
  11. Ohhhhhh... Its so hot and i need some air