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  1. Where do i go to request and what do I have to do... link me
  2. also important to note... songs these days take longer to become hits... Sia's Elastic Heart has been out for MONTHS and it's just now getting radio play! Wasn't Scream and Shout the same? It's gunna be huge! Same with Kelly clarkson's Heartbeat song which is now getting radio play too!
  3. much rather 41 posts (41- read- maybe I should find you an eye doctor too) than 708 posts of crap stay angry honey... it was great talking with you you gave me lots of laughs
  4. Oh honey you know what's real tragic? your basis to the fact that you know myah sings on bj is only that you know...which means you know nothing...keep talking smack though cause your senseless reasoning for what you "know" about your fav isn't much...i think breatheheavy is missing one of their degenerate followers...you're dismissed...troll on back home troll...jordan misses you-smooches!
  5. oh and if he's just some random remixer (which i agree with) then why'd you believe him about passenger? Hmm
  6. https://www.zocdoc.com/procedure/ent-consultation-110?marketing=true&AdWordKW=ear+doctors&campaign=ATL_ent&adpos=1t2&cvosrc=ppc.google.ear+doctors&gclid=CI_7teT0hcUCFSJk7AodeicAxw here you go honey- a list of some good ENTs- find one closest to you... no need for thanks
  7. I'm about to once again poke so many freakin holes into this myah theory it's not even funny. 1) listen to a myah song like listen actually listen and u can hear that britney has a lower sound to her voice than myah in all aspects when they use their vocal chords. 2) britney can clearly sing so why use someone to come and record one single chorus 3) you believe nick* when he says myah is on passenger but he said that on BMS britney is on it just edited. So now you don't believe him? so first he's telling the truth then he's a liar? which is it? (i think he lied on passenger just to get followers - thats a whole-nother story- nick* is a liar but now i believe he is telling the truth) this is all britney... ps... those passenger stems everyone SWORE they had last year with myah on it say hi... oh wait...
  8. and here's the thing- even if she did do backup- she doesn't have to be credited- in kill the lights- there's clearly back ground vocals but no one is credited on it- not even additional vocals- not every song gets background or additional vocal credits... the credits on alien say ana diaz additional vocals- isnt anthony preston doing some BG vocals too? he's not mentioned under vocals. Also if you listen to the "mayh marie alien stems" you can hear that whoever is singing (I think its clearly britney but for the sake of this we'll its "whoever") they are listening to the recording of alien and you can hear faintly "not alone" playing and its DEFF brit cause you can hear the deepness in it- meaning brit recorded "not alone" and these stems were used as background- whether it be britney or myah these were background- in fact if you listen to the original song you can clearly hear that the prevalent not alone is deeper then whats being presented in the recording session stems. the background vocals (and there's more than one) are higher pitched. ALSO in the raw take that was leaked- you hear brit say "not alone" and then it trails off- thats also presented in the recording session stems- and no one is denying that part is brit- its sounds just like the rest of the recording session clip. Furthermore- did we hear the toxic recording sessions- brit can change her voice and to go higher and lower etc- sounding very similar to what she does in passenger and in the recording session stems. The recording session of alien is clearly background and u can clearly hear in the beginning the main vocal of not alone
  9. im sorry but once again this proves nothing... many of you said- you cant even tell whats "britney" and whats "not" (its all britney) why would a record company hire a singer to ghost sing TWO WORDS!??!?!!? is anything they used myah for back up vocal- 1) that not alone sounds just like the cd- u might as well should have told me to go hit play on my album. also- its easy to match the britney high notes (head voice) but on myahs best day she could never match the britney chest voice which you can clearly hear in the not alone parts- also if you listen to toxic recording session- there are times britney hits certain high notes or does things with her voice that doesn't sound "traditional britney" but no one's saying "its a ghost singer"- why cant you accept the fact that britney went into studio and hit those notes- tried diff things with her voice- also with protools and melodyne etc you wouldnt need to hire a ghost singer- if you listen to the clip #teamflawless posted- u can clearly me myself and i doesnt necessarily sound like brit but we know its her. Plus u can also the not alone part has britneys lower tone
  10. No this bullshit all started when Nick* said myah was on it to gain publicity- im about to blow up ur entire theory- if traders, collectors, or whatever were so afraid of getting in trouble or burning their bridges (which is why they wont leak stems according to you) then A. they would NEVER say Myah was on the track if she really was B. They would never make remixes and release them either right? Also would sony really release stems with another vocalists voice on them?! Also- if these collectors are so open about myah then why not release them anonymously- clearly they arent afraid of saying myah's on them so whats the big deal?! they are full of shit is what the big deal is- also as for alien raw vocals- it was a warm up- listen to the clip of shania twain recording endless love with lionel richie - shes doing the same thing- even rihanna has said sometimes she'll go into studio and for whatever the reason not be able to hit certain notes. plus when just the main vocal mix has been released on songs u can clearly hear its britney- if britney can sing perfume and dont cry - she can clearly sing so why even hire someone to sing her songs- myah is backing vocals and thats it- if u listen to toxic acoustic version britney is hitting teh same notes and doing the same thing with her voice as she does in passenger.
  11. you know about the charmed season 9/ season 10 comics right?!
  12. The thing with all these trolls is- if they have the stems- clearly they are very open about myah being on them then why dont they leak them- do u honestly think the label or the producers would allow stems to leak that had myah on them give me a break- this whole thing is one big joke...