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Betty Draper

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    B Girl ain't lost the beat
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    Britney, spin class, yoga, working out, reading, poetry, clothes, coffee, and most of all... my wonderful friends and family.
  1. Happy Birthday Betty Draper!

  2. She sounds great on Perfume. And link me to where Britney explicitly states she never liked Sometimes (not her jab @ it during OHT, either, when that lawsuit was happening)
  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. Only 43.7 million is the US? Fuck off
  4. If I buy it tomorrow, it doesn't count for first week sales right?
  5. SOOOO TOUGH. But I'm gonna go with the ones I watch the most: Sometimes Overprotected Darkchild Circus
  6. FLAWLESS QUEEN When will your fav/flawless mother/beautiful family/iconic smile
  7. Microbio is the hardest class I've ever had to take, that and Logic. Contemporary Math is up there too. Clearly I HATE math and science.
  8. I read that she's sold 600k just today tho.
  9. Britney's career U.S. album sales are almost twice Taylor's. Taylor's global album sales, despite coming out in 2006, are less than BOMT + In the Zone. Taylor's nowhere near close, sis, and never will be. I don't get why this site gets so delusional when someone pulls a strong first week, but Taylor is not the sales juggernaut you all make her out to be. Adele has still outsold her in pure album sales, as have Rihanna and Beyonce and Gaga is rather close WW. Taylor is undeniably huge, but she still lacks iconography, impact, influence, global appeal (which she is moving in to), etc. Chances of her matching Britney's peak are low, but chances of her passing Britney's global career are non-existent. And this person too, Thank God. Don't post shit like this, because it just pisses me off as a Britney stan.
  10. "We're talking about peak, which obviously isn't just album sales. Britney wins. She had it all. The sales, the performances, the look, the endorsements, the fans, the controversy, she became an obsession of the public eye. Britney was a cultural phenomenon at her peak. Just because Taylor Swift can come in and sell a million albums first week 3 times in a row doesn't take away from that. Don't get me wrong, Taylor should be very proud of what she has accomplished, but it doesn't match Britney's peak. When we look back in 20-30 years Britney Spears will have defined late 90's - early 00's pop culture and americana, in the way that Madonna and MJ did for the 80's. Taylor on the other hand will probably be more revered as a singer-songwriter who managed to connect her lyrics with a generation of young girls. But when you ask who's peak was bigger, I have to go with Britney. Taylor has yet to drive the public to obsess over her and influence our culture in the way Britney did, but I feel she's on her way with this album. She's just not there yet." This is literally the only person in that thread with ANY sense. My God.