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  1. Britney needs a banner on Itunes...I can't believe Katy has like 5 of them...
  2. Britney need to either release the video or make some announcements!
  3. Katy's video is on youtube now, I think that's why she's "rising"
  4. Happy Birthday ALLEYESONUS!!

  5. I fell asleep last night and misses the whole thing. Is there a video of her presenting an award?
  6. Stronger I think, or Oops Loved it, me and my cousin would sit and look through magazines to find pictures of Britney while listening to her music
  7. Maybe she will get the award, that's why she agreed on coming and presenting an award to someone else Maybe she'll perform her new single
  8. For being active on your Instagram. It always makes my days a little better. Thank you
  9. The verses are not good tbh, but I like the chours
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