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  1. Like I needed another reason not to give a crap about this venture.
  2. while notjustamotherney is great and all, I think y'all should think about how the titles and headlines are written. Things like grammar, capitalization, sentence construction, and choice of words. The title of this topic could be misinterpreted by occasional visitors to the site, 'cause it's worded wrong :/ Like, this looks a little amateur: "We are loving single Britney!!!!! Britney Spears is performing tonight for piece of me. Not only does she have a new costume for slave 4 u and freakshow but she also said she likes one night stands!" When it could be edited to something like this (without sounding like it was written in a hurry): "We are LOVING single-Britney's attitude right now! Donning a new red hot costume for her performances of "I'm A Slave 4 U" and "Freakshow", Britney playfully jokes about what you can do if your now ex-boyfriend cheats on you. Take no prisoners, Brit!" Just a suggestion!
  3. Aww yay at my gif being used! Just wanted to add on, there was an interview with the polo player (his name is Mariano Gutierrez). He mentions that "Britney was really polite. She was laughing a lot when we were taping and kept apologizing." Here's a link to it: http://sandiegopolo.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/meet-mariano-gutierrez/
  4. We need the older choreographers! Bring back Tina, Darrin, and Andre!
  5. wish Team Brit didn't give him attention but I get why they do since he still has a readership (even after all the mean things he's done). And it doesn't matter how many years ago it was or what he's said differently since, once trash always trash. But especially after all those disgusting things he said about Brit, he can crawl all the way into traffic for all I care
  6. lmao typical! how are you not 100% with Britney fucking Spears?
  7. I'm so excited! This is gonna be so faded and really interesting, y'know??
  8. Not so much a cabaret show as a cry for help, Britney Spears: The Cabaret has had acclaimed seasons.." "The Cabaret is ingenious. Humanising its subject," these rub me the wrong way, so condescending to her
  9. @ your new icon, we gotta get those perfume bottles sold
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