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  1. i'm just reading the news. Rest in peace Avicii🙁 #RIPAvicii

  2. @famevogue Britney = Beyoncé > Gaga

  3. today's stats : 3 new followers, 27 non-followers. found via https://t.co/yn4xPl2riM

  4. @slavee4godney i love your taste??

  5. @Tinashe @nononoyouiii @totallytinashe queen promote No Drama

  6. RT @frevkout: if you then you don't don't love deserve me at my me at my…

  7. RT @MyDearJournal: *Toxic plays in public* Me: https://t.co/gYzAgmzmgH

  8. today's stats : 1 new follower, 28 non-followers. found via https://t.co/yn4xPl2riM

  9. RT @MileyCyrus: Been friends forever & happy to stand with you on important days like this! https://t.co/gtb5GnFaDp

  10. Crossroads https://t.co/9K5zS6WjyC

  11. @Hail_Lordriah @Iovemedown lmao

  12. today's stats : 2 new followers, 1 new unfollower, 28 non-followers. found via https://t.co/yn4xPl2riM

  13. @britneyshadow THANKS KING♥

  14. today's stats : 1 new follower, 5 new unfollowers, 25 non-followers. found via https://t.co/yn4xPl2riM

  15. RT @BritneyOnChart: The album “Britney” is eligible for 6x Platinum (6,000,000) in USA! ??? https://t.co/GhbMgtoC8f

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