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  1. @apprehensi0ns @SqueegeePi Ivan is gay

  2. @MileysVeg @mileyraytea more than 350$ LMFAO

  3. @naojonny diga sim hinario

  4. RT @thefamousleak: honestly though, how can you compare other ex acts to her? lol she’s standing with lionel richie, elton john and ricky m…

  5. RT @SoCalMom43: My sweet son is losing his battle with lung disease. He loves u Britney Spears & it would mean so much if u could visit him…

  6. @aarofficialfans Yeeeeaaah, I'm also waiting fot a AOR2 lol

  7. @SpaaceBoots @SMDLeaks he is the only insiders lol

  8. @ColePope12 @tysonritter @Interscope I hope not lol

  9. @Luizacom_z concordo rs

  10. @aarofficialfans @tysonritter WHERE IS AAR5?

  11. @SMDLeaks Omg I can't believe it

  12. @SMDLeaks Post a snippet of Rubber Band

  13. @thatpoppybr MORIAH ESSE MOMENTO É SEU

  14. RINDO DE NERVOSO https://t.co/cvv7eUsHKS

  15. @Heyitswine @insatiablevices é reputação que chama?

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