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  1. I love this sooo much! Simply adorable! Praying 4 a release in Europe?!
  2. I was at her show on Monday in Mönchengladbach/Germany!(it was my fourth time seeing her). She was freakin fantastic! She was on fire! Full of energy! She was killin it on stage and I enjoyed every single second! she looked amazing and the show itself is simply spectacular! Im happy for u that u had so much fun! I'm still full of Adrenalin too #godney #livinglegend
  3. Thanks 4 posting i can't wait to see her next week I mean it's the one and only, the living legend (u can look but don't touch)! So freakin excited!!!
  4. She is on fire and she looks freakin amazing cant wait to see her soon
  5. How is it possible that only one single person can be so freakin amazing and beautiful and hot! Love her so much!
  6. Yeah I really like it! I prefer your ftbombh-version to be honest because I think the piano just fits better but sometimes is cool, too! You are very talented
  7. Simply fantastic! Her voice is so strong! love it
  8. That's amazing! I love it! And I need one! Are they gonna sell them worldwide or just in the US?
  9. Yeah! Pretty cool idea - and I love these pics
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