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  1. oh so young, haha im 27 i have a 25 year old cousin who lives in oulu now if he hasnt moved and i promise you i will
  2. Oh my uncle have a cabin in Lapland, they had at least... now i dont know but i think so My grandparents went there alot before they got sick yeah my cousins dont speak so much swedish so thats why im asking how old are you?
  3. 2010, so it was a while now.. but before that we went every summer from the time i was a baby so over 20 years. haha can you speak swedish btw?
  4. Nice i also have Britney tattoos The belly says "stronger than yesterday, keep on dancing till the world ends"
  5. You live in Oulu? my mom is born there but my grandparents live in Olhava but ive been to Oulu many many times.. i cant speak finnish tho, my mom started to speak with me when i was little and then stoped
  6. YW i used that site when i print some posters to some pictures a HUGE!
  7. here you go like 12 pages and from all eras! http://hq-pictures.com/thumbnails.php?album=10&page=1
  8. how can you not like that? i LOVE that version... and its more similiar to what she should have sounded like if you think of the type of voice she had when she was younger love her voice, obviously but i just get a special feeling when she sounds more dark with that stronger voice or how im gonna explain it
  9. haha yes i know, but i always forget it bc i dont really see it as a release bc i never ever seen it anywhere
  10. Sugarfall, Tell me(am i a sinner) or Quciksand i think... but its so hard bc i love Welcome to me, State of grace, 911, Strangest love, She'll never be me and everyone else to
  11. Im not sure im gonna use them actually, i think i just have it in my collection but it would be nice tho haha ja jag ville ha dom men fick dom aldrig så då får man köpa dom nu istället haha.