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  1. Why are they all from the same scene/location tho
  2. We all have a right to be mad at billboard, They did gave the award to celine, I cannot
  3. I'm praying she at least adds the toxic floor choreo
  4. My stream was lq and I closed after the performance, did they even mention the millenium award? During the video introduction they only talked about her achievements Maybe there is a chance, she is still backstage waiting to be announced
  5. I got scared when I saw her nervous during work bitch because she was stiff but after the womanizer break the slayage began AND OMG SHE PRERECORDED NEW VOCALS!!!!!! honestly I think she sang live during some parts and i'm usually not delusional about this
  6. Mess, I'm seriously so pissed off rn, maybe she will get announced with celine...
  7. Wait, where? Ugh my only excitement for this performance is that there are no signs of a giant tree
  8. YAS I hope she throws her hat and Rihanna,Selena,Taylor etc fight to get it, only for her team to ask it back
  9. Ugh If they also bring the IS4U pole and Toxic tree I swear..
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