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  1. New York. New York.

  2. And I can't understand this cuz everything I ever said about Britney was nothing but the truth. Well, some people are just ungrateful.

  3. And please guys buy Make Me on iTunes and stream it on @Spotify. RT this and spread the word. Britney deserves it! RT please

  4. Katy is no. 1. She doesn't need my help. Lead is comin soon and I'll be all about Katy. https://t.co/gMFfnNIRMS

  5. Can you fucking do it?

  6. Wait till you see the whole thing.

  7. I don't even know what is this. https://t.co/X56ArNMSRY

  8. RT @ladygaga: Me today @RedOne_Official http://t.co/qwQpVDRXKL

  9. I can't wait to prove all my doubters wrong. Y'all will come running back to me. ;)

  10. @rafik_germany @katyperry well, those are well known..

  11. She'll have to reschedule few dates of POM if she wants to perform.

  12. Katy is working with Max Martin on #KP4.

  13. @ddlovato girl please stop! ? https://t.co/IymC7yn6a0

  14. @remark060 Jay Z*

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