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  1. Why can't team britney ever get it right? Is it so hard to get banners?
  2. Slay Britney! I can see her next worldwide hit waiting to happen! https://www.hotmusiccharts.com/ee/itunes/100
  3. I feel like trolls are voting and not the fans
  4. That's the worst choice for a 2nd single. Actually it shouldn't be a single period. Especially when the album has bangers like Better, Slumber Party, Change Your Mind, and Love Me Down
  5. OMG YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I love looking at the vinyl albums at urban outfitters, this is great promo
  6. Gurl i wanted to add half of the album on this list but I had to narrow it down but yeah Better should be on it too!
  7. She should do: Slumber party DYWCO Make Me Love Me Down Just Luv Me or Man On The Moon She needs to show off how amazing this album is, enough with the POM promo.
  8. They all better buy Glory and Make Me afterwards if they haven't yet done so
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