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  1. i'm sure the apple music show will just be a scaled down version of POM. London should get to see POM in some form. As for the iHeart Radio performance, it would be stupid to not do SOMETHING new. I mean you can't just take your POM show in Vegas and then move it to another Vegas stage. She may as well just satellite in from planet hollywood and I definitely know she's going to be performing there live and not pre recording unless they made changes. My good friend works for iHeart out here in NY. She's totally stoked to go.
  2. That soulfulness we've all been craving that I know I thought was lost has been resurrected and it's giving me all the feels!!!!!!!! I fricken love her.
  3. don't worry hun, It's not actually a part of the real house. you can see it's just a set piece built over the front portion of the house because when she tears it down, the original facade with garage is visible.
  4. Or at least release the CD for purchase in the store.
  5. the breakdown is sick (minus that fact that @ 2:53 her moves are the same in baby one more time when she says "hit me baby one more time" I could be wrong but very similar") but it's a lot of stand in place and add hand movements. Also, she needs to lose the walking on the dancers part. She looks completely uncomfy and it just doesn't look good. Do some cool fight choreo like in "Lonely" instead
  6. I like it as a mix but I miss the sorta "darkness" that the other one had. I can't see fire on the stage with this mix lol.
  7. This forum is pretty cool! I'm new here and haven't been a part of a forum in a LONG time. I occasionally dabble in remixes so I will post some of my stuff on here that I've made in the past. Look forward to a great time here in the universe!