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  1. RT @OBQDC: https://t.co/B2HPEvvAxd

  2. RT @Gagasavespop: Azealia Banks making history at Coachella 3 years ago https://t.co/QCxZItn2H1

  3. RT @linkedkai: The original boss baby https://t.co/q3wiLqMUGc

  4. RT @gosmirc: Petista toma chicotada MBL: huehuehuehuehue Arthur do Mamãe Falei toma um tapinha na nuca MBL: MEU DEUS A AGRESSÃO SOFRIDA É…

  5. RT @floofyfluff: My son!!! ? #Spyro #SpyroRemastered https://t.co/MUnPs8wUwE

  6. RT @nytimes: The snow monkeys of Japan like a nice warm bath. Scientists wanted to find out the real reason they sought out the hot springs…

  7. RT @zeldaGB_ebooks: Link checked the chest. Wow! This is a nice chest!

  8. RT @Tinashe: @britneystea @PopCrave Idec anymore, I make music for the love and for my fans not for accolades or sales ???

  9. @ignatiusxo @shonfaye nonetheless it's still a like for a random tweet that appeared in a timeline

  10. @MuuMuse please come to Brazil

  11. RT @Gamer_Fudo23: New GiveAway! I have FOUR $99.00 North American Nintendo Eshop codes. To possibly receive one by DM please follow and RT…

  12. RT @pathofrad: neko atsume was the pinnacle of mobile gaming tbh. no pressure to keep up with power creep, no need to play constantly, no s…

  13. RT @na1ta: Oscars 2018 素敵な映画をありがとう! https://t.co/3Fw6Sfz7Ko

  14. @Kassrull @nintendolife Poor zelda

  15. RT @na1ta: 人と両生類と猫 https://t.co/l0IYvZZMwR

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