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  1. we britney fans are too devoted and too loyal that we spoiled the britney team. they think they can just pull any shit and we will like it.
  2. OMG it's goving me liffffeeeeeee Hot damn!
  3. her worst album cover ever. it reminds me of the cover of lotus by floptina. and the lips, jlo.
  4. We deserve to know. We waited too long. And it's part of their job to do that. Not saying things doesn't make them a good team. literally, look at some other artists, when they make promo or announcement or something, they tell the fans when and where and what, but not Britney team. I know we shouldn't guess nor hate. But we've waited for too long. From the beginning of this "era" , nothing is solid, no on-point promo, no accurate infor, just no nothing. I'm sorry if I said negative things to bring you down but I'm not sorry for being angry at the team.
  5. they are trying(though far from hard enough) to clear the rumors while they kept their fucking mouth shut about shit. this is just awesome isn't it. we just LOVE not knowing shit about the truth don't we.
  6. I don't believe sony anymore. remember when they twittered that we had "another suprise coming today" when MMO is out? Still nothing.
  7. Ain't we Britney fans the luckiest? Our sex life is the best of all the fan bases because we get fucked up like everyday.
  8. but that is in September if i remember correctly and i still can't get over the bbma no promo thing
  9. I dislike selena intensely. I'm not sorry.
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