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  1. Once was enough....not here for an EOS commercial
  2. The cover is really bad
  3. Seriously! Her team are a mess, the GP are starting to think that Private Show is her lead single cause several media outlets are reporting it that way
  4. I actually believe larry is behind all of this to create hype...
  5. Forgot that my volume was up high and it scared the shit out of me when she yelled out 'private show'
  6. she really needs to release this video on friday
  7. Pretty sure it's a commercial for the perfume but omg im so excited, I just now hope team britney release make me on the 15th
  8. Yeah, this song is gonna leak if she doesn't release it soon....
  9. I think it was, and robin? He's full of it most of the time, the only way he knew the single's title is cause he's friends w/ Larry. it doesn't matter tho the video and song are both done, now we just have to wait
  10. Well she pretty much had no choice but to film it last month cause g eazy is on tour right now but yeah I think july 15th or the end of this month
  11. Ageed. I wish she'd have her hair down the whole show cause those tracks should not been seen
  12. This means nothing...some songs on that list have been there for more than a month....(although I do think it's coming at the end of this month)
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