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  1. I’m so ready for @JanetJackson ?? #StateOfTheWorldTour #bostonlovesjanet https://t.co/E7PyMck5pO

  2. RT @GIRLposts: IM SCREAMING ?? https://t.co/X1TfoqMHY9

  3. RT @TheDrunkStory: When you're looking a hot mess but bae says hi ? https://t.co/uF7ETo5nmP

  4. Yaasss @AlyssaEdwards_1 was so littt?? https://t.co/6mVCUzU3ss

  5. RT @TheRitaFajita: @TheRitaFajita is making fajitas @ThatsSoRyanxx

  6. RT @RuPaul: I place kindness at the top of my list of human virtues. A fat ass is a close second.

  7. I can't get over how amazing and funny @TheBiancaDelRio was??

  8. RT @PhiPhiOhara: Thank you Ryan!!! https://t.co/ZoP7xijJXl

  9. We are cute af https://t.co/wHXLqxNhjL

  10. RT @CGBPosts: Best anti-smoking ad ever lbr https://t.co/tmLh4ZKo6x

  11. RT @LOHANTHONY: Britney wearing her iconic t-shirts https://t.co/UEfVDTUrYq

  12. RT @makemeoooh: I'm deactivatingjffjd https://t.co/kqyYX6OrG9

  13. RT @FederiKoRaivan: When he says he's a top but doesn't eat ass: https://t.co/4fYqQfUwsZ

  14. RT @girlposts: "when you're good at something never do it for free" https://t.co/XUn4egEdey

  15. RT @TheGirICode: OHMYGAWD ?? https://t.co/8UHoGfAWxw

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