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  1. This should be included in THE SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2 as behind-the-scenes of the MV if there will be one and if Britney’s team will listen.
  2. Exactly. There are many pics they can choose from the Oops era but instead they didn’t think at all.
  3. Umm...I'd think about it if they'd put a little more effort in the design and quality. What do y'all think?
  4. I loved this one as well...I struggled for many days but eventually didn't buy it. I wish they would restock it for you because you did order it.
  5. "Got 10 minutes of her time" but how long is her actual cameo going to be...
  6. Have you thought about getting it from a create-your-own-sweater company online, because this is something that I might do. I like the black sweater because it's so plain, there's nothing but her name on the chest area. But I didn't buy it because the price and quality don't match.
  7. On the bright side, I heard the quality of the products wasn't that good. I saw someone on Instagram saying the wearables weren't worth the price because of the quality.
  8. Still sounding so fresh! I wouldn't say no if they put out a single off Glory.
  9. I love it soooooooo very much!!!! I haven’t felt such thrills for a loooooong time!
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