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  1. I want to buy this but it seems like it's not yet available for order? EDIT: I've placed an order at NEWSTAND.
  2. I said the same thing to her haha Luckily I wrote a card to her (I gave it to Fe) because I knew my mind would go blank when I saw her in person. Even though I don't know whether she will/has read it or not, I feel happy that I did it.
  3. Plan what to say to her when you meet her and try not to be too affected by her presence, I was too starstruck when I met her that I didn't spend my 10 secs well with her...
  4. Only 20 shows in different countries...and if they're trying to say it's a concept/celebration for her 20 years in the biz... I just...think this marketing strategy is not strong enough if that's the only thing on their plate...
  5. I thought you were suggesting she should do a show live on YouTube, which would have been a great idea!!!
  6. I don't care which label she might be going to sign with, I just want her to be treated like a QUEEN. The marketing strategies can kick it up a notch.
  7. She doesn't need that much of photoshop tbh
  8. Me too... Japanese that is. I google'd it and it means Bitch (as expected) as in female dog (wtf)... I think they could have gone for ビッチ (pronunciation: Bitchi) instead of the kanji...