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  1. Music technique in pop music. Using the same chord progression and what not. If you haven't noticed, Born This Way sounds a lot like Express yourself.
  2. It sounds nothing like her on the bridge. It's Windy Wagner but believe what you want.
  3. That's definitely not her voice but whatever, you can lead a horse to water but you can't convince it it's an ass.
  4. Holy fuck, I can't believe he made this himself! Ugh if only he'd upload it in lossless or enable downloads. Interestingly enough the URL (which is automatically based on the file name is (Tom's Roman 2)
  5. Is she holding two different brands of water? The one on the right looks like Fiji water, my favorite. WE STAN.
  6. I really do hope so... I mean... They haven't sued ShitHeavy 😬
  7. I doubt it. At most an apology would be owed.
  8. You know, I came here after Breatheheavy announced that they were gonna focus on other celebs, and then they started charging for memberships and premiums. Over the years I've grown on this forum and have earned a (bad) rep for (making a lot of edits that don't sound very good) and being a go-to for files and rarities. I've been a stan since I was three years old. I used to steal my older sisters baby one more time CD and learned how to operate a 90s stereo because I wanted to hear the album. I've always loved Britney like a religious deity. Never questioned my loyalty to her. I have a rep in my own town for being THAT person who comes to mind whenever someone hears about her. Even online friends in different states and countries agree - I'm a hardcore Stan. A lot of users here know that I went to Vegas and saw our girl for the first time, and she grabbed my hand during Alien - I've always said that this was the best moment of my whole life. Now, I've had no other forum I could find to talk about her. Other forums are DEAD dead. This one barely kicked for a while. I became a mod because I wanted to make sure anyone slandering her, trolling, etc., I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be people tarnishing her name. For months now, myself and several other users have been BEGGING Anthony to stop posting things we all know were untrue. So many counter arguments, and all he could come back with is "you'll see : )" and making those click-bait-y articles with no substanance. Do you know how ashamed I feel? To know that Britney's dad is aware of what's going on here, and knowing that more than likely Britney is aware... It makes me feel disgusting. She's made it quite clear she's pissed with the conspiracies and just wants people to let her have her life. That's all I've ever wanted. I've also wanted her to notice me (lol), but definitely not like this. I made a post where I had taken a window marker and wrote Free Britney on my car - but included a disclaimer basically stating I didn't believe any of the rumors and just wanted the best for her. (My thought process states "ending the conservatorship would be best".) I don't want Britney or her dad to have a sour opinion about this site as a whole, as that includes ME. I couldn't live with myself if I knew Britney was PERSONALLY angry at me, even if just by association. I don't know how else to put it. I'm so ashamed of the negative publicity this website has given to the situation and conspiracy, and the misinformation being spread. I don't want to think that I'm included, but I feel as if I am. (probably because I'm one of the key members here and no one can deny that.) I just want Britney to be happy. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin #HeadstrongWolfForNews
  9. We been expecting and warning him about this shit and he didn't listen. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin