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  1. She's acting like she got good news.
  2. @headstrongwolf on everything I'm home. I have to entertain a male friend in a little bit and treat him to a blunt but I'll get right on that for ya
  3. OMG TASTE. I got you boo. However I'm on the way to work and I won't be off for another 11 hours 👽 I work 3:30 to midnight with a 30 minute lunch but the drive to work is an hour to my job and another hour back home. So about 1am Central Time.
  4. We've been wanting something like this for a while. The issue would be restructuring the album and adding new things, such as new lyrics. Of course, fans like myself have gone the extra mile during Britney Jean with countless edits, especially of Alien. Body Ache was the hardest song to edit but multiple fans have. I don't believe there was any saving don't cry or chillin due to the song structure. They'd have to be entirely rewritten.
  5. Britney driving is basically saying "fuck what the conservatorship says".
  6. Water is wet. Plants are green. We all know her a fucking fact Larry is full of shit and he's already been fired twice so I honestly believe this one. We all know he is grabbing at straws trying to save his ass because he fucked up and all the shit that we've been talking about for years has finally come to light. And now he wants to say boohoo I love Britney and her fans... Bitch, where was this love at during Britney Jean? He talks out his ass all the time. Larry, you better withdraw all your stocks now cause your net worth is about to go down the drain. Better leak Rebellion cause it's the only slim chance you have of saving your career. Also #LeakPerfumeDirectorsCut #LeakDLMBTLTKProTools #LeakDLMBTLTKInst #LeakDLMBTLTKDemo #LeakDLMBTLTKAcapella #LeakDLMBTLTKBrolls #LeakRebellion
  7. I mean there's not necessarily any point of ripping the vinyl because we already have the album on CD in the vinyl quality is going to be far lower than an actual CD rip whereas with the vinyl you would have the turntable noise. Plus myself I can't exactly rip vinyl that well and I've only done it accurately with one song from a vinyl single by Björk. I have my glory vinyl to, the one I pre-ordered. I keep them all in the shipping box and in plastic sleeves. Thought about hanging them on my wall but think I would actually play the records a little bit too much. I'm just here for Blackout. I'm kind of salty that they aren't doing anything with the bonus tracks but I can kind of understand. It would be kind of nice for some vinyl exclusive tracks
  8. Personally I love the added flowers on the BOMT vinyl, and that it's a clear vinyl - that shit is BEAUTIFUL. The OIDIA vinyl, I love the color of the actual vinyl. Excited to order Britney when I get my paycheck in a few days. Hopefully we'll get the rest of the albums later.
  9. Notes The version of The Beat Goes On is the reissued version without the preview for another group. When Your Eyes Say It has the spoken outro The BOMT vinyl is covered in slightly raised flowers, covered with sparkles. (Nice!) The OIDIA vinyl isn't marked Side A or Side B, the only difference between the two is the color gradient. Excuse my vape being in some pictures lmao. The images that won't display in this thread, click on the links to view the images. Not sure why that happened.
  10. There's more debate on the Universe facebook post, to which I've pointed out there's no credibility to this "news article", and it's just speculation and fanwanking. Honestly it's EMBARRASSING to even have to point that out... https://www.facebook.com/absolutebritneycom/posts/2686049954770196?comment_id=2687037348004790&notif_id=1557779694766293&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic