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  1. YAAAAS, all of this. I would LOVE an album full of experimental tracks like Coupuré. But at the same time I am constantly craving a dance / EDM album among the same vibe as B in the Mix vol 1. I know it's never gonna happen though. Given that we've gotten a sliiiiiight RNB sound on Glory I would LOVE some tracks sounding similar to Utada's This is the One album. But knowing Britney's team they'd probably give us a pop-rnb like On & On
  2. Britney can take a break for 5 years and I'd still be happy.
  3. Not gonna lie it's pretty great Although I'm more impressed with my DWAD bluray.
  4. Honestly I had no idea... Never heard anyone talk about them. But then again barely anyone is on here so...
  5. I like the outfit but it doesn't work for that scene.
  6. This is the most important day of the year for me. 5 years ago today, I went and I saw Britney for the first time in Vegas and never have felt that kind of euphoria or excitement or general happiness that I had in that exact moment. Not only did she come out with her brown hair and that specific night it had a slightly more red tint to it, she was on FIRE. I have watched several clips from nearly every other night of piece of me and honestly nothing compares to how fluid her movements were, or the confidence she had. We got this INCREDIBLE promo shot from that night. We also got a lot of good fan images - here are some from my personal collection, which I might add that my photos have NOT been posted to any online gallery. And then of course, someone caught the legendary moment she grabbed my hand during Alien - you can see my blonde spikes! That same night, we got what a lot of fans consider to be the BEST performance of Break The Ice - she KILLED IT. Toxic was also amazing from that night. Ironically, despite that night being pretty spectacular, she forgot to hold her mic up to her mouth during one part of alien. Don't ask me how, but I also got this iconic shot. It's beautiful. In closing, I can't explain how much I felt blessed to be there. To this day I'm still asking random people on YouTube and Facebook from the same night that I went to see if anybody had any higher-quality footage of Britney grabbing my hand. 5 years later and still nothing but I'm still hopeful.
  7. Yeah, that's the exact version I have, with the extra lyrics in piece of me in the booklet. Since the cover is exactly the same I actually flipped the cover around to show that alternate artwork that got a really limited release as the main artwork, and it would be almost exactly the same except for the spine of the CD which has Britney's name instead of it being blank like normal.
  8. If I remember correctly it only had get back and everybody, you would be better off in porting the Japanese edition because it has outta this world.
  9. Actually - I retract this statement. While Unbrokeney has a history of being reliable, I remembered the remix of All That She Wants, which had Jenny from Ace of Base on it. They said it was official, but it definitely was just an edit, with the original Britney version spliced in. This is still debatable, but I've been researching AOB lately and it just seems very unlikely that a band that last reunited in 2011 would have done a LQ sample as a duet. I'm still thankful for all their leaks, but that specific incident hurt their credibility. If something does leak, awesome! But I haven't heard anything on the grapevine.
  10. Holy hell, that's surprising. I actually slightly believe it now just because it's them.