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  1. Oooo that looks interesting. It's probably just one vinyl disc, so probably only up to criminal. Ugh, the shame.
  2. Aww looks like the preview is gone. Is it only up to criminal? Or does it include bonus tracks? (Doubtful, but Glory had 2 vinyls)
  3. It's DEFINITELY a ploy to try and tarnish Lynne. There are more important things going on in Hollywood - for example, Harvey Weinstein.
  4. Long story short, Lynne ran over a kid on a bike and killed him when she was 20. Mother of the deceased said Lynne has never reached out about it.
  5. https://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity-scandals/britney-spears-lynne-spears-killed-boy-never-called-grieving-mom/ First off... I see y'all. Of course Lynne doesn't want to fucking talk about it. How would you apologize for something like that? But the important thing to notate here, is why bring up this old news in the middle of the court battle? Exactly "who" asked this woman about this?
  6. I still haven't even gotten my Britney vinyl 😭😭😭😭 I'm so fucking broke. I'm still fucked up they put radar on there tho.......
  7. Gurl I'm so busy I can't even do my own projects I got a lot going on in my personal life rn
  8. It leaked by the time you posted this, didn't it? I put a download in the media section. It's also on YouTube. You probably seen it tho 🙃
  9. I mean, Hey Ma and So Free are both kinda generic, so it could work... All we care about are Britney's parts. Let's get pleasure you involved
  10. I walked out of one of my pizza delivery jobs and called my boss a salty c*nt
  11. Yes lol Have you ever quit your job by cursing out your boss? I have
  12. @Bretyna SperanskySperansky or I could just do like I did with hey ma and use phonicmind. Those filters actually came out really well so I expect they would come out really well with this song
  13. The instrumental is actually really good, but Pitbull... ugh...
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