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  1. Pre-debut/Baby One More Time vocals+classic tracks and some of solid R&B + ITZ/OD tracks. Something experimental and decent. Nothing with 75% of instrumental and almost zero lyrics.
  2. https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-britney-spears.html
  3. hi

    1. Amelliy
    2. KneeTapeney


      Glad to see here someone "new". :)


  4. Why not? I'm for personal stuff and good music. I'm not interested if someone make music like just for money (Circus album especially) and without personal touch inside. If Britney release B10, it will be something better than Glory. Mark Me. Bye
  5. The time when her career were in point Actually almost all of reviews critized Glory for sex lyrics stuff, but just liked her more nature voice. So if she bring up her personal lyrics with her natural voice, it can works. With good backing vocalists and good producers.
  6. Okay and then I got lyrics about sex, half of track is just instrumental, and vocal mastering will suck with no stable place in stereo and with big reverb. No thanks.
  7. Also 2007 is not 2019 and Danja still does exist...Max Martin??? I think some of really good people from her past could be like wine for her music.
  8. "Eric wrote "E-Mail My Heart" after he taught her how to e-mail her." lol that fact she recorded it 2years after worldwide email client in Win95
  9. I guess that's her highest vocal range song ever.
  10. I take it that way, even this video made some fan.
  11. Dont forget she owes us that