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  1. Yes I mean this. Because if she make decision not for Britney win, public will be against her and she will not have calm in life. Ikr, she was probably only one close to her who cared. She was like her real mother. You can see her sweet acting in older videos.
  2. Because there are many important things what happened behind the doors and things we actually have confirmed. And they choose right time before Sept. 29 because the whole world will be more informed about all of this shit what her dad made to her, and if Penny will do any wrong step and not allow to set Britney free, this will make really gigant impact. More documentaries => more attention => more pressure at judge penny.
  3. Because still that's her account. Main decisions (delete/deactive) are still her. But there are random posts what are not from her hand but from Cassie. Also, I don't think they re-active it because it was against her decision. They can't do anything now for court case because they are in public eyes.
  4. How about post news with embedded stuff witnout links in thick text? :frenchy:

  5. The answer is that the best way how to limit hit from team con side to her life is delete social media and then they can't use any post against her in court hall. You don't know many posts are not from her? She did it well. Have life without any shitty internet.
  6. Also, most of albums are in 'Master' quality btw- Glory isn't. Btw 2- team B used as artwork for OOPS album scanned booklet
  7. Because Madonna's music and career sucks since she left her old music label in 2008 and release only illuminati related shit
  8. I think fresh :) Who knows, these are in LQ so maybe is possible they were edited
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