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  1. Your own #1 birthday since 2007! You must enjoy it 13x more
  2. Thinkin About You have good vocals and adlibs
  3. Don't forget - it's "By Demand" before you cringe: reface-2021-11-26-11-33-47.mp4 reface-2021-11-26-11-32-14.mp4 reface-2021-11-26-11-30-16.mp4
  4. I've used photo from 1999 Btw-super creepy? What about this one then? reface-2021-11-26-09-37-38.mp4
  5. What do you think of it? reface-2021-11-25-10-00-01.mp4
  6. And what songs by your opinion she recorded just for c-shit? I wish these videos to be erased: (HIAM audio is good): (I wish instead of this stupid MM video she could do photoshoot with this whole perfection look from first minute of video) : WB is definitely just for c-shit (yes she never recorded it physically) and many songs for BJ, Circus same.
  7. "I love all of her songs" Me as real fan love some of her songs, Lady Gaga is doing it just for get attention
  8. Agree, it deserves to be performed live with new vocals.
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