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  1. btw- I've already ate ass of one nice muscled guy and believe me it was hot af
  2. I did it with Rihanna's "Fool In Love" track where I tried to remove album track what I hear from that guys headphones, just I made mono track slow-down volume to the same like in that video and then removed with program and result is good
  3. You understand it wrong. It was just about her mouth is just busy with something more interesting rn. No more so don't cry for this low level joke.
  4. I have head ache of this then. Listen it for once per year is ok.
  5. You can try to remove the layer with original track tho
  6. Your comment is just blank tho. We are in adult age, so don't tell are you still think Britney is just drinking with sam in a bed?
  7. Her mouth is actually full of Sam's ***
  8. Title of this thread is kinda confusing
  9. I'd say Everybody/Heaven On Earth/Outta This World sound finished. But just unmastered and leaked in LQ.
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