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  1. It's okay My browser were like crazy with million ads before i finally moved to youtube video
  2. Agree, but why not see Britney herself as moderator? See her not burdened from stupid label, cship team, stupid father - doing funny show with good hosts just because she wants without any profiting for other people than Britney, many interviews and possibly live performances. Give to people a chance to see who Britney is in real. IMHO she may be more populare than Ellen & spol.
  3. Hello, welcome you here. But please for the next time put here video link and not shorten link. We love youtube embedded videos
  4. @heather tbh its really cool idea to make show with Britney herself as moderator and with this funny way. Why not, no? It gives me MMC vibes
  5. I think Sippin On released in 2006 is good memorable choice, then I Will Be There in summer 1999, Walk On By as continuing video for FTBOMBH, When Your Eyes Say It in spring 2001, Brave New Girl after winning battle with her evil father, Man On The Moon as animated video in 2016, Just Luv Me as B&W video on the beach (with Sam?), What You Need in summer 2016 with people in the street and take it as "public show party" and Britney is center of all it. What's yours?
  6. Imo radar music video more fits to Outta This World .
  7. To be honest, their relationship happened because everyone forced them for to be together. Also, IMHO their relationship were really fake, JT also were fake whole time and Britney never deserved hate from everyone. Also one serious fact - JT is not her first love, but REG IS HER FIRST LOVE. So im sorry for all delusional people but with Reg it was more serious than with JT and JT never deserved to be with cool girl like Britney that time
  8. Hey @laracroftonline or @HeadstrongWolf, may you please remove me warning from 2018 Please please please? :)

  9. But every release have unique EAN code and sony must have any database. Maybe they dont know who is behind this, but access to datbase they must have, no? Spill more tea!
  10. @laracroftonline is there any way how to make embedded insta posts?
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