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  1. Probably with the same way he "found" people in C-ship team (aka Lou & others) At least we can see how he tried to take control in her life so long ago.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH0F5fGl2zm/?igshid=rkd1i1ztsbo8
  3. I know that movie and like it so
  4. Dumbest Britney "fan" ever. I feel bad for Britney in what unfair situations is she and happy for all fans who supports her, but this one fake "fan" is not worthy for her attention.
  5. They should release Britney album with all 26 tracks at least, if they want to give some fuck
  6. I'm reading reviews for this product and i was like:
  7. Where ??? edit: it sounded kinda overtuned, but better than most of album incl Mood Ring
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