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  1. Because it starts to be the same like in the past - her father doing everything for keep her under his control, that's the point and she found again her strength for this battle. That contrast between then and now ....I believe she does, but how many songs were released? Don't tell you believe in everything what you read in CD booklet? In pre-2008 stuff i felt lots of her own ideas and creativity. But let's think about it - first in 2008 she had "breakdown" (but if she knew that someone could take her children away, she had different stuff for thinking and doing, instead of let her life away from music industry with her children, they forced her for making new music, shoot documentary for showing how "desperate" is she that time and get more money from fans.
  2. @heather it was whole shitty from the beginning from Jamies side. Some little steps to ruin Britneys chance to have normal life. Then they raped her artist image and music career how they wanted and not Britney. That's why we have not any book and not any song written from Britney. As music artist she drowned down with these hyens behind who eats her money. I feel BIG difference between 1998-2007 vs 2008-2013 albums. She sung it (and some parts probably enjoyed), but there was not her own touch.
  3. http://www.mtv.com/news/1580917/britney-spears-lawyer-ejected-from-courtroom-after-judge-doesnt-recognize-him-as-her-counsel/ The battle over Britney Spears' affairs heated up in court on Monday (February 4) as her father and his lawyers faced off against a new attorney who claimed to have been hired by the singer this weekend. The lawyer wanted to fire the singer's father as conservator of her estate, though the court ultimately did not recognize him as her counsel...that Britney has a "very strong desire" for her father, Jamie Spears, not to be the conservator of her estate, as was decided as a temporary measure on Friday. ●●● I just hope for this time will works for Britney at all and this shit will be done ever.
  4. 1. = is the BEST - 9. is the WORST (01) Vocals quality: 1. Baby One More Time 2. Glory 3. Britney Jean (parts with her own vocals) 4. Britney 5. Oops!... I Did It Again! 6. In The Zone 7. Blackout 8. Femme Fatale 9. Circus (02) Production quality: 1. Britney 2. In The Zone 3. Blackout 4. Britney Jean 5. Glory 6. Femme Fatale 7. Baby One More Time 8. Oops!... I Did It Again! 9. Circus (03) Lyrics quality: 1. Baby One More Time 2. Britney 3. Britney Jean (god believe me i forgot count Work B) 4. In The Zone 5. Blackout 6. Oops!... I Did It Again! 7. Circus 8. Femme Fatale 9. Glory You are the next!
  5. Feel shocked and surprised to reading it from you
  6. No matter in what year, but I'd always recognize her if i'd meet here somewhere with in civil clothes. She always looks the same good at these photos in the street
  7. Its worthy for pay because her first 3 albums are the best, not touched with overproduced vocals, she was focused in music, not controlling her life, her vocals were in point.
  8. But tell me then who have whole fault in tacky production in Vegas, lipsync studio vocals, bad costumes, hair extensions, bad choreo, recycled props from older tours? For me it's like her team give little fuck to this project as possible and want much money as possible. I don't want to be rude at you and i want you to be mad at me, but at some points it was really bad and im glad she left that next residency because Vegas was just low-budget project with minimum contact with fans and tragic production. Tbh.
  9. Agree with this. But in Britneys case they all should ask what and how she wants do everything first - songs for Vegas, picks songs for studio album, what about she wants talking with interviewer & etc. It must be hard for her live in this bubble where her team & papa control what will be released (except Glory album) and what words printed on news.
  10. Yeah, but perform too long in Vegas, judging on X-F says more than enough that she has not any dementia. No?
  11. Yea, but the point is that Britney should choose that one who and how will move with her money even she may choose Jamie Lynn, still it would be her own choice.
  12. She was honest about fake people around Britney and I appreciate it.
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