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  1. If anybody can - rip her albums to 96khz/24bit? Í would be happy. They have always in the studio 24bit source audio, so they must gave to these LPs the best sound quality!
  2. I just read this post for "MuuMuse" because I expected some live rare stuff. But I really don't care about what they are saying. Britney knows her health in best.
  3. Dont try to change your hair back to blond Britney, we love your hair now
  4. no matter who. He did good job and only one who would have not money ever is JIVE/RCA. Worst label after Blackground Records (issue with JoJo/Aaliyah)
  5. I think CA explained why she was back in early 2000s shady and actually supports Britney. It's normal if one artist supports other artist. At some point these collabs are expected from them since they came to showbiz. And if you check out late 90s JT was popular before Britney started her career and she started with performing at their concerts. So we can say she "used" that time his popularity for promo herself. It's been 20years, I want move on from this shit.
  6. Omg, they are not bad as singers. Everything wrong make their stuff they released. You would give a chance to any singer. Like Quincy Jones said "bad singer can release good song". They are good singers with bad songs just.
  7. I think if Britney write with them lyrics and will hit to production, then we can get good 90s song vibe what can save their ass.
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