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  1. Tbh she lost taste during her "breakdown", then she was forced, then she started to like performing and now she realized thanks to her team and papa she lost many years.
  2. Same truth like her most personal album and always sing live Right question is - will she ever sing live?
  3. With who will spend B children christmas?
  4. All what say is Britney needs to her own privacy and no matter if she is under c-ship. I just hope her father and whole team respect it. Also, her papa deserves bad actually...it's just bad that what's happening is at Britney's invoice and not at his.
  5. Remember I've listened only Perfume/Don't Cry in in full from standard edition.
  6. And she is here so cute and innocent Thats why Japan fans are the best
  7. ...Britney released her Britney Jean album
  8. @MakeMySugarFall I can't still if I see your avi
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