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  1. Hello everybody, it's been long time since I made one group for Britney fans, then for some past problems with one person (with who I thought all drama is gone, but seems to be not from Xs side) I must delete that group. So here is new one, everyone with love in Britney and other music is welcomed, not judged. Dont forget share this link with people you know. https://chat.whatsapp.com/KnGOEYfOBE44EknZLMBhSP Michael.
  2. You would check out mine country eshops, maybe we have here still this.
  3. Even is she pissed, still i love her how she looks there .)
  4. Omg 2012ney! She looks like herself here af
  5. That fact she mentioned Myah and CA cried for flopped charts
  6. How big/long is Sams peepee?
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