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  1. Yes, she sent me email lmao🙈😂😂😂 But it was not my fault, but google. It always update by the last available stuff She take down my video of her shade song about Britney and children, thats pretty suspicious how she hide all of her shade stuff about her since she turn to her career with her ass Remember how I've listened her demo songs (around 2011) and imagined what can happen if they put her main vocals to her album and the rest of this story everyone knows now. She released some tape the last month or when. Originally it's picture from my Body Ache lead vocals video She was pretty pissed off this and she told me she felt pretty humiliated. But as I said, it's not my fault
  2. Maybe, ...maybe "it just didnt work". In my opinion it doesnt work because they layered Britney voice, it could be better give her standart vocaly part without layering them.
  3. Must upload the worst BJ(MJ) 4 tracks at her YouTube now? It's literally shade at her person
  4. Thanks you all for following me :)


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      I am, but I ve noticed I have here actually 19 followers and before I got 13, so i am happy some members follows me ;)


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      I hope you have many more followers in the future!

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