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  1. Happy birthday!!! She was like her mother
  2. Idk what makeup is she using now, but looks cool!
  3. I just hope Britney (someday) will spill whole team. Maybe is she working hard through the court also for have a chance saying what she wants without any attempts for stop her mouth from other sides.
  4. The best is make final decision after Britney say (in video?) if she wrote it or not. At this time is everything (im)possible.
  5. Actually i see this post as 50:50. I cant agree and i cant disagree until britney spill whole tea.
  6. I think she has run out of credit in pop music and she will be forgotten very fast. IMHO she may release some rock music, it could be cool.
  7. Actually is this c-shit "disadvantageous" for her for that reason. Her sons are older and she accepted c-shit only because of them. Also, they can spend only 30%(!!!) of their time with mom. Also, her father and many other people milk her bank account. And they tried to change her from healthy human to "treated" robot what perform songs with zero life and doing what they want. So i'm glad she is doing everything for change the things for her own benefit.
  8. She was disconnected in this era from people, M&G were tragic, her team overcontrolled her.
  9. What about ask for end this whole shit and leave her alone life her own life?
  10. 8 months after recorded studio version 5 months before first version of finished album ("Britney Spears") 8 months before debut album release ("...Baby One More Time")
  11. Nothing in this world can't save trashy shit like Matches If you Iove yourself, invest your time in better unreleased
  12. @[email protected]@[email protected] is not able to accept we have better music taste
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