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  1. I got it from last.fm tho. Btw- there is no way how to get these details without more blur picture or artefacts and tjus this kind of "noise" or scan with DPI dots. I had tools for upscale and whole result been with blur or double lines.
  2. i know ...I KNOW Also its good chance for get to know her from new fans I can imagine one leg what is something like DWAD tour, thats not about basic dancing, But about acoustics, and talk to her fans, introduce her music band, just give to them something from herself..
  3. If you check Glory cover in "UHQ" in 7200x7200 resolution in 100% zoom size, you can see how pic is so blur af and how is it basic upscaled screenshoot.
  4. Of course one leg = one world tour. And imagine how every year she come with new concept and new stuff