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  1. I wish the Queen of Pop @britneyspears & the Queen of Country @reba would duet. #britney #britneyspears #reba… https://t.co/vkUDWqCsA0

  2. @PamTillis thanks for a wonderful night out, such an amazing and intimate show. #pamtillis https://t.co/rY6gN4wXi5

  3. @sarahaines I love when you quote #meangirls on @TheView ?

  4. @colortrak more pin holes in my brand new box of 1000ct foils... what’s going on!? https://t.co/V6WHhIo3LN

  5. @colortrak the last three boxes of 1000ct foils I’ve purchased have been coming with pin holes through most of them… https://t.co/QL95YWsWgL

  6. @sarahaines @MeghanMcCain if you’re ever in Maine, look me up, I’ll do your hair for free ❤️.

  7. @britneyspears you look absolutely stunning! I need this poster size, can’t wait to see you again on tour this summ… https://t.co/bhwAd0bxyj

  8. @MarissaLoon2012 ?

  9. RT @glaad: [email protected] is a force in the music world who has used her global platform to share messages of love and acceptance, somethi…

  10. @sarahaines it was so good seeing you on @TheView today! Can’t wait till your back!

  11. @britneyspears so excited to be able to see two shows in July! #britney #britneyspears #pieceofme #britneypieceofme… https://t.co/Ql2XK88Rd7

  12. @britneyspears I’m so excited to see you in July with my mom! We haven’t seen you together since 12/9/01 ❤️

  13. RT @britneyspears: ?? https://t.co/LZoWB1mGmP

  14. RT @TheBritneyArmy: RT if you stan a LEGEND ✨ #BRITNEYxRockinEve https://t.co/40ibF7di6h

  15. @sarahaines @MeghanMcCain @TheView get @britneyspears on your show ❤️ it's been far to long. #BritneySpears #britney

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