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  1. I hope she doesn't care. All over the world she actually is praised, but when i look in our local media i could cry. Some news from the last days: ze.tt - Britney Spears in Berlin: Just confused standing around on the stage Zeit Online - Britney Spears : Nothing to say, nothing to sing WAZ - Oops! Britney Spears gave a concert in Berlin without singing Spiegel Online - Britney Spears in Berlin In sexy lingerie about the cemetery of pop music Der Tagesspiegel - Berlin concert of the singer Britney Spears invites you to a nostalgic pop party There some more of this shit. All I could say, this was an amazing party much more intensive as her Vegas shows. All of this articles written by females. Don't know whats up with the women, no matter which female you speak to everyone look at you wrong. Thats so disgusting. Only my wife i've turned into a britney stan, her sister maybe.
  2. It's a real one, cut the button off and u can use it to play ?
  3. Now I know from there i know this. The little Sam was so cute Fangoals, he must so lucky.
  4. Hey, look what I’ve become frome my wife That‘s so incredible
  5. I’ve become this mail several days ago: So we have to wait.
  6. Thanks we love it too. Live it looks way better than on the photos. That’s my wife’s Britney Parfum shrine ? Send from my iPhone [emoji336] with Tapatalk
  7. I’m waiting too. [emoji31] hope they ship as soon as possible. Send from my iPhone [emoji336] with Tapatalk
  8. Thanks, yours too. Send from my iPhone [emoji336] with Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, but really cheap [emoji23] early skills. Send from my iPhone [emoji336] with Tapatalk
  10. My homescreen And my lockscreen Send from my iPhone [emoji336] with Tapatalk
  11. Then u should have no problems. But no garantee, I've never been in france at an concert.
  12. I've bought 1 time a ticket from a reseller, and this was really a thrill. Was for last year for the vegas show and the tickets came 2 days before our flight to vegas. never ever.
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