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  1. So the 17th marked the 6 year release date of the 'Hold It Against Me' music video. Since this is one of my favourite Britney videos and I admire the storyline so much, I decided to do a full video analysis explaining the music video for those who have yet to understand. I mean if you have nothing to do on lazy Sunday might as well get educated on your Britney knowledge
  2. Hey Guys! I just put out a new dance video the Weeknd's In The Night that has Britney's story all over it. From my perspective, the "girl" he was referencing in the track was a personification of music and her story is parallel to Britney's Career. I played along with that concept and basically created, 'Britney: In The Night'. The Microphone that the choreography is based around is suppose to symbolize music but as well as Britney's career and my dance is a way of empathizing with that pain. I know the concept may be a bit bizzare but thought some real britney fans would appreciate the story. Hope yall enjoy and would love to hear some feedback. Thank u!
  3. Knowing that britney was gonna slay her apple music performance, I decided to tape my reaction! I meant to share this with yall much earlier but you know... life happens HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!
  4. HEYYYY yall, just like the rest of yall I've been losing my shits over the 'Glory' album but I recorded mine if you're in a supportive mood feel free to watch it and subscribe! Thank you
  5. While we're all losing our shits and waiting for Britney to drop the music video for 'Make Me'... in the mean time I just put out my dance video for 'Make Me' sooo you know, if you wanna check it out "When admiration turns into obsession" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxVZC-srOv8
  6. Soooo guys I put together a little dance tribute in honor of JT and Britney for my 2000s Revival dance series and I wanted to share it with some genuine Britney fans. Feel free to comment on the thread or on the actual video would love to hear some feedback. I hope I did the Slave 4 U choreography justice!
  7. thank you, I learned from the Queen
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