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  1. and this time it came from an official source and they were the first to announce it. Note to all Britney fans: THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A SURPRISE PERFORMANCE. If one of the biggest stars in the world is going to perform, the official source (MTV, Billboard, iheartradio, whatever) WILL announce it to make sure we tune in.
  2. Not even remotely true. In this day and age (indeed the past decade ever since sales started going down) it'd be far more lucrative to not promote and let a song gain buyers on its own. By the time they pay the costs of producing the song, along with royalties, there's barely anything left for the label and Britney. Not having to add the expense of props, costumes, etc. for a performance means there is more money to go around. If you guys weren't stuck in this bubble, you would see hardly anybody promotes a lot anymore. The last one to do a big campaign was Gaga and she was paying for most of it out of pocket when she first started.
  3. YAAAAASSSS, stan for Divorced Mother. i always said Britney Jean was her "Holy shit I'm a single working parent, how did this happen to me?" album.
  4. Just making sure everyone knows this, when you stream on YouTube/Spotify/Apple Music make sure you DO NOT mute your volume otherwise your streams will not count for the charts! I've been streaming with my volume as low as possible so that there are still vocals coming out softly. Either do that or stick your headphones in.
  5. Better than normal. She managed to get to #95 on the Spotify chart after one day and she's hanging on, we are at about 1.6 - 2 million streams now, so everyone needs to refresh or loop the YouTube audio (right click on the video then select Loop), but more importantly STREAM ON SPOTIFY AND APPLE MUSIC. idk much about apple music but spotify added her to their today's top hits playlist which has like 10 million subscribers. i am going to leave my computer on youtube and spotify when i go to work and i am going to stream on youtube there too. Sia is ahead of both Britney and Katy because Cheap Thrills is discounted and has 2 versions on itunes, one with Sean Paul and one solo. at the rate we are going now we are looking at a top 20 debut.
  6. Saw this over at ATRL, they watch the charts VERY closely, and good news and bad news so far Bad news: Britney's new single is predicted to sell only 90,000 first week based on the pattern of 2 day sales so far. Katy is predicted to outsell Make Me (which we expected) but Sia, who is apparently on discount, is also predicted to sell more copies of Cheap Thrills than Make Me. THE GOOD NEWS: Rise and Cheap Thrills are only predicted to sell 130K. Katy used to be able to sell 600K first week back as early as Prism era, so this shows that sales are down for everyone in the industry. And remember, these are only PREDICTIONS. No matter how closely you watch the chart, they can till be wrong, even HDD gets their figures wrong sometimes. There is STILL time for us to change it around since it is only the weekend and we have until Thursday to add more sales. Wouldn't it feel GREAT to know we can make Britney sell 100K in this sales climate? We are only 10K away from that, so come on, I know streaaming is important BUT you can stream as the same time! Gift to everyone you can. I have only bought Make Me in my own country's iTunes. can anyone guide me how to direct my purchase to US iTunes? i use a debit card.
  7. hi guys! not a problem. ill spend tomorrow uploading my files to my cloud server. i also have some non Britney stuff if anyone is interested. I might make a post so it will be easier for everyone.
  8. there is no way Sony will drop Dr. Luke after all the millions of dollars he made for them. if they are worried he can probably just produce under a different name so people will not suspect he is still making music.
  9. Shania only did that so she can get double/triple certification with each sale to make herself look bigger than she actually is tho. I am glad Britney has never resorted to such cheap tactics as that.
  10. how happy i am, i think you would not believe other forums i have been too are so stingy and act so bitchy about sharing, you always have to have something to offer if you want anything back. i looked through the media thread and there is A LOT of stuff, but i notice we are not allowed to comment after 90 days, so maybe i will make a new thread just to upload all my Britney stuffs for people who don't want to scroll if that is allowed? first i have to upload to my mega drive tho. i also collect e-books if anyone here is interested in that sort of thing?
  11. Also one last question, do you guys accept music from other artists or is it Britney only? I have some other artists, not much, but they are mostly remasters from older artists like Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, etc. if they are not accepted on this forum, I won't bother uploading them, but if they are I can try to dig them up from my external hard drives.
  12. omg thank you! So glad I finally found a place with quality Britney material to trade with. in my other computer i have Tik Tik Boom official remixes in 24 bit quality, do you guys have those? If you don't, I would be happy to upload my copy.
  13. If you have those it would be a massive help as I have been looking for them for about 2 years now!
  14. That's ok, do you have Britney Jean, Britney, BOMT and OIDIA? I have been looking forever and can't find them, the only people I've met on the warez forums won't trade their versions.
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