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  1. Lol if Beyoncé is performing with Mariah I don't think they would dance although knowing Beyoncé she'd make it a medley just to dance and then bring moo out for a powerful ballad sang live ...I kno Britney isn't the most relevant bitch but I do know that the world has waited for "old Britney" to return and this is the closest we've got since circus...I think the world misses her and wants her to slay like "old Britney" so they don't feel like she doesn't give a damn...Beyoncé is huge and she can easily upstage Britney b/c she'll sing and dance amazingly....but I think Britney's presence and confidence is phenomenal and if she truly turns it up like she did for pg she could definitely be talked about and be some ppls choice of best performance...the beyhive will act like w/e beyonce does is better than Britney so who cares But we are talking about Britney Spears here I can't allow myself to count her out b/c even at her worst she slay a lot of these basic bitches now....Britney performing those hits means so much...I hope it's entertaining from start to finish and I hope Britney is on fire
  2. Lol she's such a hating Ass bitch i knew she went to piece of me and primeney 2.0 surprised her....Britney doesn't have to be as phenomenonal as she used to be to upstage all those performers that night she just needs to look better than everyone and dance with energy and passion and the world has been waiting for this moment...Beyoncé plans on doing w/e she has to do stop her...I hope it back fires on her ass. she has to make sure Britney doesn't take back that power she had. Britney better slay that Bitch hard cuz I'm sick of her
  3. For the red carpet praise bitch needs to feel like a style icon but Beyoncé and Mariah are their to upstage Britney and Celine
  4. Britney slaying hard like its the early 2000s is an iconic moment in itself...and if she just brings the goods she has been bringin to Vegas recently she'll more than make them feel like she's back cuz she is...it was so much more than perfect dancing that made her shine...it was her fire, passion, swag, looks, attitude...if everything is in place and dances good(like she has) she'll get her crown back as "old Britney" which will most likely result to sold out Vegas dates which is great
  5. Lol they can cut during the half assed parts of there is any. I just want Britney to slay hard like she has all year And honestly last years performance she had so much more confidence than she did during the previous performances in Vegas...this time I hope she is even better than she was in her recent shows which is already amazing
  6. lol yes give Britney's icon performance those extra views
  7. Ik I want the gp to witness the full womanizer breakdown...they can cut to reactions right after
  8. Lol sweetie don't push it and she can release the vid two days later let the performance soak in praise for atleast two days then drop the Video and gave them obsessed with the song by then
  9. Lol 2013 show was boring but I think her reaction would be different to 2016 Britney...I think the audience is in for a pleasant surprise if Britney nails this the way Ik she can
  10. Who do u expect to be jamming the most to Britney? sadly award shows always cut to other Celebs reactions so any possible shade or praise will be caught....hence jts iconic reaction to the kiss...I'm sure there will be haters looking pressed, but I'd rather focus on the celebs that's true fans. I expect to see Selena,Katy, Beyoncé, Nicki, Taylor, Adele, gaga, the Jonas, Miley, Rihanna, Ciara, Justin beiber, Chris brown, a slew of actresses and actors, jimmy Fallon, Ellen, snoop dog, and the bandwagon ass kardashions jammin. That's if these ppl were to attend of course
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