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  1. Tyra legend sweetie im so sorry https://t.co/YAVgrs4Y3G

  2. RT @beyoncehatesme: I just find it funny how the only arguments that MJ is a better performer than Beyoncé have been 1. He stood still and…

  3. RT @HUNTYCHAN: if i were to become president drinking dasani water would be a federal offense

  4. RT @BeyonceINTL: Free @Bey_Legion @twitter @TwitterSupport @jack

  5. RT @KingBeyonceStan: R&B, again. Then Jazz. https://t.co/ITgOuF1lky

  6. RT @OffsetYRN: who tryna suck some dick?

  7. RT @memorycarded: At this point I'm convinced Kylie Minogue is a cryptid that only gays and women know about

  8. RT @pradahungry: This vine about Mariah Carey STILL kills me https://t.co/fW1P7OJZih

  9. RT @FullFrontalSamB: The kids are ready to march AND vote. #marchforourlives #neveragain #WeCallBS https://t.co/FoncblcBL6

  10. RT @reb0rnwolf: She really put "Give them hoes what they came to see" in her intro? iconic https://t.co/flUEb4M3c5

  11. RT @itsSHANGELA: True. Lol https://t.co/LK4MiHHf47

  12. RT @Bey_Legion: Every online ticket purchase for Beyoncé & JAY-Z's #OTRII Tour includes a complimentary 6-month trial membership to @TIDAL.…

  13. RT @destinysjoint: SHES COMINH https://t.co/q6AfauPAkA

  14. RT @beyonye: Apple really dropped the ball when they went from that to this ? https://t.co/ouLoc1J0Sr

  15. RT @DatGirl_ICEY: Imagine you meet up with Deray off Grindr and he got on the vest whole time he beatin yo cheeks

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