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  1. RT @hxlliekxte: kids born in the late 2000s** . Idk about y’all but early 2000’s babies would never. I’m tired of being categorized with sc…

  2. RT @malcolmpyeung: “hey man I’m sorry but can we resched-” me, an introverted homebody: https://t.co/IdwITztSuM

  3. RT @ahmzzd: Me mid-exam diving into the depths my subconscious mind in search of a mental screenshot of the notes I skimmed over the night…

  4. RT @normanisIegend: Normani whenever she breathes https://t.co/pKHoDgGywp

  5. RT @itsterybaby: When I see someone do some stupid ass shit and I look at an imaginary camera like I’m on “The Office” https://t.co/mWYAoON…

  6. RT @aegyotaetae: that time when taehyung was bending down because he was blocking hoseok but tiffany thought he was mocking her height so s…

  7. @normanisIegend Honestly..... None of these are IT. Kordeination is probably our best choice

  8. RT @taeskordei: she can’t sing???? listen to her covers, fifth harmony might not have shown her full potential but she can def sing. https:…

  9. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/4AKpw1R71E

  10. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/AidLz6xppo

  11. RT @SaltyMusicStan: Me: "I'm going to take a quick shower brb" *45 minutes later* Me: https://t.co/ICIiQnqwXa

  12. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/ynqcdDb96Q

  13. RT @jvpitersoo: y'all with 5k rts and 10k likes on ur selfies: this flopped :/ me with 3 rts including my own: https://t.co/zvMHILSymg

  14. @mrskinnyjeanz3 Her growls can be annoying tho (to me)

  15. RT @5HStreamingClub: Love Lies will impact radio on March 20th! https://t.co/X5KetXJFIc

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