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  1. Still speechless after the @elohimmusic last night. It was incredible! Thank you for being such an angel! We love y… https://t.co/dGp1lwGjg4

  2. After months of trying to make it work, it happened! Took the trip from Vermont to Montreal today for tomorrow's… https://t.co/O5NTzWeYiz

  3. @itsdorothysucka Best concert you've ever been to?

  4. https://t.co/OHghbGNNeS

  5. @itsdorothysucka QUEEN DID THAT! What a phenomenal show! Everyone needs to get their asses to a Dorothy concert lik… https://t.co/DOoolEYT3K

  6. WATCHING HARRY POTTER FOR FIRST TIME!! (24 Hour Marathon) https://t.co/A7CYymrCP4 via @YouTube

  7. Seeing @elohimmusic tonight for the 2nd time in 2 months! WHAT IS LIFE??? Hoping to get to say hi this time! So fuc… https://t.co/SjNkyENqL3

  8. https://t.co/DWN1lS9ZnR

  9. @itsdorothysucka BURLINGTON, VT!!!!!! - A lot of people want you here! <3

  10. @awonderland You fucking killed it. Had a fucking blast. Thanks for coming to Burlington! Come back soon! ?? https://t.co/yH24gEoTRb

  11. @xoabir Are you for real with that voice? Damn...you got some serious pipes. Thanks for opening for @alessiacara tonight.

  12. 10000000000% YESSSSSSS!!! ❤️ https://t.co/kJYTM3tCP4

  13. #nowplaying saint by @Verite . #veritesaint https://t.co/a7tlWsFDQJ

  14. Holy shit @OhWonderMusic you rocked @HigherGround tonight! Thanks so much for coming. Can't wait for #ultralife #fanforlife

  15. @itsdorothysucka Burlington VT is a must! You have a shit ton of fans here wanting to see you guys! ??❤️ #rockisdead

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