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  1. RT @10TV: Lacy, a K9 retiring from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, celebrated with some well-deserved ice cream https://t.co/98I9Se2n…

  2. RT @absolutebritney: Britney Spears accepting her Vanguard Award at this years 2018 GLAAD awards!! #GLAADAwards @britneyspears @glaad https…

  3. @TylerBaltierra Wow! If that’s the transformation for hardwood that’s nearly 150 years old... def a lucrative busin… https://t.co/Zaa0eZYEoY

  4. @glenndupree @JPD_LIVEPD @OfficialLivePD @AETV It’s in regards to a tweet from @K9Flex_JPD updating us on their sta… https://t.co/UBDDaQ5rPx

  5. “Get up before you get bit ding dong” ???? #LivePD #LivePDNation

  6. RT @10TV: [email protected] self-driving vehicle hits, kills pedestrian in Arizona https://t.co/qo9gTOuUYn #10TV https://t.co/C7TVcKPEvz

  7. RT @10TV: FDA begins anti-smoking push to cut nicotine in cigarettes https://t.co/Sj93tr40tO #10TV https://t.co/1sK7q6myAm

  8. This is absolutely disgusting what #United did! They are fully 100% responsible for the death of this poor puppy! T… https://t.co/6DOksFvhI5

  9. @JEFFcityPD @OfficialLivePD - Dying to know already if Sgt. Leverett & @K9Flex_JPD will be followed again on tonigh… https://t.co/VGHueqy5gz

  10. RT @absolutebritney: Britney Spears ranked #1 on MTVs most beautiful women chart ? https://t.co/b1SeojflWt

  11. @K9Flex_JPD Awesome! Have missed you guys!!!

  12. RT @SimpleReminders: If you have had a bad day, remember that tomorrow is a wonderful gift and a new chance to try again. — Bryant McGill h…

  13. RT @absolutebritney: Oh my god she looks stunning!!! #HollywoodBeautyAwards https://t.co/i6NFG7tLsI

  14. @pixperfect77 @Kylee41387650 No, sorry call @pixperfect77. I sent my reply wrong. That was meant for @Kylee41387659

  15. Psychiatric illnesses share similar gene activity, study suggests - CNN - Very interesting read about connection of… https://t.co/Wl6J864EHC

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