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  1. @IAmKelo_ she'll never get one ?

  2. RT @StahrMilan: You gotta focus on you

  3. RT @ItsJonesii__Bby: Last night https://t.co/8BbgYGsUgr

  4. RT @Beau_Amour: Blocking all negativity out my life. Cutting all bullshit

  5. RT @AshleyShyMiller: 2016 has been the year of the grim reaper and we're only halfway done. Smh. The champ is gone #RIPMuhammedAli

  6. RT @SexualGif: "just wear something casual we chillin tonight" me: https://t.co/vaxbfshbfO

  7. @Beau_Amour don't spill too much tea girl

  8. RT @chancetherapper: #ColoringBook available now at https://t.co/m5rYnxicio https://t.co/vEEL3To1Nc

  9. Without discipline you'll never amount to anything

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