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  1. Oh god are we still talking about Reg Jones. Eh, it's none of our business. Totally normal for a girl to have sex with her high school boyfriend
  2. its a forum, im open to discuss my opinion on the matter and how i think people are being misinformed. like you mentioned in your post below, im allowed to discuss dont you think?
  3. i logged out of exhale because of this mess and now im logging out of this place as well. y'all the video she is talking about is private show calm the fuck down theres no g-eazy to reshoot and RCA would laugh in her face if she wasted THAT much money on ANOTHER video to be scrapped. walk outside, have a cig and come back and collect your fucking heads.
  4. I was worried about him being on the track too but now I've heard it he sounds awesome. No better rapper to fit the song. Team B actually doing right for once
  6. But what.a.fucking.song Britney Jean, you have fucking MURDERED ME I expected my edges to be snatched, but not my entire fucking scalp, skin and skeletal system. I am beyond shook. Y'all, I haven't cried on first listen to ANY song since Gimme More 10 years ago Bravo, Britney. Take my money, my weak stan heart and keep this up. Thank you, thank you you goddess of a woman
  7. honestly? sounds incredible different to the snippets we already have
  8. so jealous of you coming back from hawaii! I go every year... now I have to wait till March next year to go again basically: this morning a britney posted a private show snippet (commercial) perez was given the MMO video. everyone thinks this is shady bc it's a plot from britneys team to generate MORE hype more twitter accounts (?) have leaked like a 2 second snip of the chorus.
  9. I agree.. and $40 to buy an OOPS pack? Bye!
  10. someone leak it. dont care if it's only a minute long... WE NEED SOMETHING
  11. Honestly I'm fucking ruined. She looks I N C R E D I B L E
  12. I'm honestly not even sure of my predictions at this point... I mean we do stan for Britney and her team doesn't have the best track record when it comes to doing logical things that keep fans happy i've tried not to let much get me excited. I am hopeful that the single will come this month but not this friday. But I do hope the ET interviews reveal and clear the air.
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