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  1. She better not be too tired tonight. Hopefully she'll still have some adrenaline from the hike
  2. This! I'm not really sure about Marco not being the designer anymore, but Britney has full control of what she wears and what she wants designed. As evident in IABJ, when marco designed a decent opening outfit, that would have matched the dancers, and would have been similar to the billboard one she wears now, just in silver (more like the one iggy wore both at the awards and in her tour) But Britney wanted it different last minute, so we wended up with that awful cut up 2 piece too tight "toxic" outfit, which slowly got better. I actually like the new PG one, kinda looks like the promo pics, plus it gives her a little shape and makes it different than just a plain leotard. I wish she would go back to the original BOMT outfit again, for pretty much the same reasons, it's different.
  3. It's so funny that I keep seeing that everyone loved the last BOMT costume now, but when she wore it back in 2013/ early 2014, everyone hated it. It's still a leotard, but different to have a little variety. Not sure if I like the Circus one, doesn't really look like it matches anyone, but need better pics. But I do actually love the PG one, it's still fairly simple, but has shoulder pads and hip pads giving her a "better" shape. It also kind of resembles the red Vegas promo outfit.
  4. The funny thing is, is the original "seat" she sat on, is actually a leftover Circus tour prop from Radar. I do wish they would have brought more things like that back to this show from other tours or even some costumes that represent some old ones.
  5. I actually don't believe she ever had pre recorded vocals for this song. She has the helping studio track which is what we clearly hear on the dvd where the beginning "oohhs" are horribly cut off for her to finish the run live, so I don't know why they would even bother using studio vocals if they had pre recorded vocals.
  6. She probably didn't, that is essentially a wig in the meet and greets, with just the front of her pulled back hair showing. All she would need to do was take off that one and put the other wig. Kinda like switching hats. She probably realized it looked nicer/realistic if she wore the one that looked like it was coming out of her head than an obvious wig with bangs... but who knows.
  7. Trashy was just the best word I could think of that could come close to describing it in a quick way. Also I really don't think she put as much time and effort into it as much as ITZ or even BJ, both of which she has professed she loves and is really proud of. And although ITZ is very mature and different than her first few, I still can listen to it knowing it's Britney, half of the songs on BO stylistically don't flow with her discography. I also don't think her personal life, at least during 2007, had anything to do with this album, it just coincidentally coincided with that time. But although I love Britney and don't really look at her bad for this, but she grew up in Louisiana, she's not a glamorous person, what could be stereotypical reffered to as "white/trailer trash" "hillbilly"...etc. That's just how that population in that area of the country can be generalized from the glamorous lifestyles of Hollywood and New York. But that wouldn't be an insult to someone who grew up with that lifestyle that everyone else puts a negative connotation to.
  8. Nobody is doing bubblegum dance pop anymore, at least without specifying which genre it belongs into like Lady Gaga, but that's how Britney made it big, and why people love her. I can't remember where, I think Rolling Stones, voted How I Roll one of the best songs in 2011 or something like that, and that was probably the most "Britney" type song she's had in a while. You can't just make a statement like that and present it as a fact. It's not my favorite album, in fact it's my least favorite. Do I think it's well produced, yes, but it just seems so trashy, and un-Britney like. The only think memorable from Blackout is "It's Britney Bitch",her vma performance (not in a good way) and Piece of Me. If you were to ask anyone who's not a fan they would think of her "going crazy" and shaving her head and being "fat" and "drugged up" during the vma's, but career wise, they may remember something from earlier in her career, something iconic. Also I don't think Blackout is as personal as everyone thinks it is. And I would say BJ is more personal to her than than BO is. Exactly! Blackout isn't horrible, there are just way better songs to chose from.
  9. That is definitely what she's talking about, it's the only thing I can think of in the show that is literally called a lift. And I have no Idea how I found this thread lol I didn't realize it was old lol
  10. I see this bias all the time, and am pretty much afraid to come out as a Britney fan. I do "like" her on Facebook, and some of my close friends know I like a lot of her songs, but both me and my straight brother are in love with Britney as a performer and love her songs. I grew up with her being "popular", but I rarely ever just pop in one of her cd's or listen to an album version of any of her songs, but I will re-watch her performances over and over again, then I'd rather have the live versions on a cd, but as I'm listening to those I'm thinking more of what is going on on stage. I could really care less what she's doing in her regular life, sure I like getting updates every once in a while from certain sites but her life is her life, not mine to obsess over, but when she and her dancers and the lighting/stage designers put on a show, I'm going to enjoy every minute of every part of that performance. I told a co-worker that I did see the FFT, and her response was "really, why?" so of course I end up defending myself while giving Britney kind of a hidden compliment because it's not cool in general to like Britney, but as a straight guy, definitely not.
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