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  1. I've seen it 4 times and it's not getting boring.Unlike Make me video
  2. So i guess everyone saw the "Believe in magic this week" caption in her new instagram pic.I believe she will drop the Music Video cause her previous video was with "Slumber party" in the back and was on rehearsals. Tell me what you think
  3. It's probably true.Tinashe has always been saying great words about Britney and wanting to collab with Britney.It would be great cause her sound would perfectly fit with Glory
  4. The performance was good.People need to realize that she will do the same choreo.Every artist does that.She promotes and that's all.She was beautiful and sparkling.The only thing was the vocals but.....
  5. That was a great interview,i don't know why though.Plus she wants to see Tøp perform ❤Im melting
  6. I think that the idea was kinda bad "the rich celebrities" because Britney would never want that.But the scare at the end was hilarious.
  7. "Make me" rose to no.17 in this week's billboard hot 100 reaching its peak due to the Vmas and the "Glory" release. BUT we have to work on the radio and stream.It was no.3 on Itunes but it has stuck at the radio and the stream keep falling.The new generation need to do something. But great news.
  8. It's ok to not like it.It's completely your opinion.For me Just luv me is a gem but i don't think it will be a single because it is similar to "make me".Let's say for me "slumber party" is pretty generic,i don't see anything special but in Just luv me it is a 'Britney song'
  9. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7495363/snl-season-42-hosts Vote Britney.She is currently behind.It would be nice to see her crack and let loose.
  10. Well....Yes she is doing a live performance everybody.And i have to say Mtv really did try hard to make this video look nostalgic.The snake,The "Britney bitch" the veil.Britney has come strong with a gem and we all know it.
  11. Kostis


    I couldn't resist.It was really really good.We all know that the second single is better.The strategy is pretty smart.Releasing #makeme was smart because is was an experimental song and they knew that everyone would like it.Nice one.It is an insta hit if only she release a nice video
  12. With the introduction of #Glory her singles rise on itunes.Private show is on #26 and make me on #36.
  13. Don't start drama when we don"t one.Debuting at top 20(perhaps) is very good and will give extra publicity.Also the video hasn't been out yet.People don't get that this song is something different that her previous work and it will charts differently as well.I am pretty sure when the video comes it will hit top 10 cause of the views and the radio,but slowly.
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