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  1. è un pochetto cupa quella cucina ... magari saranno (anche?!) le luci che in questa edizione sono leggermente sotto… https://t.co/oCi2xDFVO9

  2. RT @NOWThatsMusic: NOW is turning 20 🎉 Celebrate our 20th anniversary with fun games, prizes, contests and more! Vote for your favorite tra…

  3. RT @daliaganz: When the queen walks past you at an event. ?? #ItsBritneyBitch #GLAADawards https://t.co/PEGurBHnK2

  4. RT @othgiirl: 100. Chase & Gert. "I always saw you." "I know you did." #Runaways #Gertchase https://t.co/wmK83Gdzis

  5. RT @forever_forks: We’re excited to announce our festival guest @Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke! She’ll tell you all about that now-legenda…

  6. RT @lenasIuthor: the baudelaires are fashion icons https://t.co/hzk2UbO4tr

  7. RT @SiddKhoslaMusic: A special surprise for all of you @runaways fans. #MarvelsRunaways #GertsLullaby @ArielaBarer https://t.co/6dZn5fkf3P

  8. VOTE #BritneyArmy Britney Army HERE https://t.co/pyNCkfclxn please and thanks #BritneySpears Britney Spears… https://t.co/WigOYqFkRb

  9. RT @delenafatalist: I'm not usually a fan of weddings but theirs was perfect. The setting, the song, she looked so beautiful and their vows…

  10. RT @TheSTStyle: PSA: @BritneySpears – reigning queen of denim among other accolades – is the new face of @Kenzo's La Collection Momento ran…

  11. RT @Man_Fatale: @britneyspears ❤️ https://t.co/5j5BF190Pg

  12. AWESOME !!!! ? RT @babegirI avengers: we need someone distract thanos while we plan to attack him peter parker: https://t.co/l6c3Mokw4j

  13. RT @SpuffyLatino: Inside Entertainment weekly magazine special for "Buffy 20 anniversary". This is the Spike's page. #TeamSpike #TeamSpuffy…

  14. RT @filmaticstuff: Clueless (1995) https://t.co/zpcw3pE9cc

  15. @SerialAddicted @ABC ditto , from Genova , Quinto ? CIAO #Oscar2018

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