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  1. @mustbejp Did you plug the Hoover in 😋

  2. @DeltaGoodrem welcome to earth!!! https://t.co/jguIiPGxSC

  3. @bryce0800 @DeltaGoodrem Ha ha thanks and to you

  4. @DeltaGoodrem love the laugh at the beginning xxx https://t.co/Hb6cEeRF94

  5. @admiredelta Yay!!’ Wonder if she will be on first

  6. Happy 15th birthday innocent eyes!! 15 years where has the time gone @DeltaGoodrem https://t.co/LCkBpFL4v2

  7. @planetdelta hey talented one!! I have an idea for a mash up but have no idea how to do it ha ha I think that… https://t.co/WZWJz9oQW2

  8. Just noticed this it’s true @DeltaGoodrem is life!!! #deltagoodrem #thinkaboutyou @SonyMusicAU https://t.co/vYNmKKw5mi

  9. @britneyspears I’m traveling 18,000 miles from Australia to Manchester Uk to see piece of me.... see you soon xx

  10. @amxndamahon @admiredelta I literally sing this version everyday!!! It makes sense lol

  11. @joelcreasey Love this read!! So many times I’ve been made to feel like I don’t belong cause I’ve put on weight...… https://t.co/7fwijdJvKk

  12. @JessicaLibertyX @KelliYoungX @wonderwomanshel any liberty x gigs in August? I’m back in Uk for Britney so think I… https://t.co/GnCZ9ZEItc

  13. @DeltaGoodrem @OfficialMelB @victoriabeckham @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic @GeriHalliwell Come on spice girls!!! I was… https://t.co/Okv9vehs0a

  14. @DeltaGoodrem can you put us out of misery and say if the tour DVD is still coming? X

  15. @britneyspears @DeltaGoodrem https://t.co/lQTmBdWn3E

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