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  1. Plus he said late march beginning of april....
  2. this is true for me it was BOMT and Oops and also the music u hear during teens will stick forever and the rest of them that comes after will be deemed not as good
  3. it's a safety measure definitely because Britney would be disorientated after the tiger breakdown followed by that throw they definitely used that simple choreo to make sure she won't ever fail catching up by now i want this choreo back tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4VNMUMPbGw did you also notice they already got the slow bit of toxic down at the beginning
  4. i feel like they need to fix a lot of choreos tbh: Work Bitch - perfect Womanizer - for some reason i actually like that robotic choreo - but i think a short dancebreak would complete it 3 - just the final chorus Everytime - good BOMT - Perfect atm Oops - Perfect MATM - perfect - but she needs to practice that wall sequence with the girl dancers GM - perfect BTI - perfect POM - readd that dancing bit Boys - a break dance is definitely needed instead of those controlling movements Alien or Perfume - i think it needs more props if she's gonna lip synch it - like flower petals or something Slave - changed 80% of the choreo and ignored that vagina chair tbh Freakshow - perfect Do Something - it was perfect in Feb - now she half assed it Circus - perfect, well maybe the second chorus choreo IWG - perfect Lucky - Toxic - the choreo of the second chorus - i think they only use that to make sure she won't be so disoriented after the throw Stronger - perfect Crazy - good TTWE- that chorus pumping choreo needs to be changed then we will have the perfect show!
  5. interesting! i wonder what kind of music she will do next cuz i have absolutely no idea! i suggest she should go with Toxic vibe songs
  6. i need britney to dumb david for Adam tbqfh